Recycle Your Batteries!

North Surreys Battery Recycling Drive

North Surrey Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Our Project: A Battery Recycling Campaign fueled by Zinc Saves Lives

By: North Surreys Robotics Team (Team Hephaestus 6390)

Our Battery Drive project was inspired by our visit to WEDay. We saw the multiple Zinc Saves Lives initiatives which inspired members of our team to start a battery drive for that cause. Our drive addresses many issues within our community and around the world. With nearly 1.2 billion people suffering from zinc-deficiency, we believe that it is important to help recycle and donate as much zinc as possible. We strived to push many motives such as environmental sustainability. With more batteries being recycled, we reduce the amount found in landfills. These were our main motivators to start a battery recycling drive.

Our high school has been a strong influencer for environmental continuity in our community. Our school and robotics team has been focused on reusing materials for the past year. For our competition robot, we repurposed many scrap pieces of metal to build our robot. Our school runs a Spartan Garden which grows vegetables and fruits that are used in our cafe every month. This reduces the amount of food we need to buy and helps the students learn about creating sustainable gardens. In our school, we also have a bottle recycling program that is run by our BASES students. These students recycle our bottles and make sure they don't end up in the garbage! Now that we have started our battery campaign, we have started encouraging parents, students, teachers and the people of our community to recycle their used and unwanted batteries. This provided an opportunity to rid our environment of harmful battery waste, while also donating those batteries towards the Zinc Saves Lives campaign. 

One of our main goals outside of our community was to support those in need of zinc. Zinc deficiency is seriously overlooked and has become a serious problem in developing countries. This has become a major problem for children who need zinc for their health and their immune systems. This program was initiated by the WEday and supported by Teck. For every battery that is donated, Teck will supply the equivalent amount of zinc to children in Kenya. Every AA battery contains enough zinc to help 6 kids. The Zinc Tablets provided by Teck will be sent to children in need.

Throughout our battery drive, we have nearly collected 100 pounds of batteries. This is equivalent to nearly 3000 total batteries and nearly 10,000 children supplied with Zinc. This campaign has had a huge impact on our community and our team. It has made people rethink their choice of throwing those batteries away. 

Our goal for the year to come is to:

  • Continue to collect batteries
  • Expand past our school
  • Host information talks at nearby elementary schools
  • supply more children with zinc!

We hope to continue making an impact one step at a time!