Go Green Recycle Team!

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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  • Our idea of the  reason why we doing recycle is that there's a lot of issue in our planet about animals are dying,the climate change,the air pollution and many more,but we think lots of these issue or problem comes from not recycling too so i came of some reason why we should recycle ,ways to help and make recycling a habit of your daily life.1 The sea animals, right now sea animals for example sea turtle,the  baby sea turtle when their born they have to go through a lots of garbage to get the ocean for it to be safe.And also some people that throw garbage,they probably don’t care where it might end up or don’t care how would affect them in the future and that why we have lots of garbage in our landfilled,and  do you know that In some areas in the ocean , the buildup of plastics is estimated to span 5 million square miles .And some research said that sea turtle is mostly killed by debris, debris is most recognizable by Plastic bags, bottles, balloons, degraded buoys, packaging materials and food wrappers.And we could help them by 1. Reducing plastic by  using 50-80% of the marine debris,2 if you are a boater you could help by  Use cleaning and maintenance products that are less harmful to the ocean and 3.you could help by Participate in events such as beach cleanups .2 Toxic gases from landfills and Manufacture another reason why people should recycle because -recycling saves energy because the manufacturer doesn't have to produce and if the manufacturer produces more bottle or plastic they bring carbon dioxide into the air and is bad for our health.If we recycle bottle and plastic then  we could have less manufacturer that make the plastic bottle and less pollution in the air.And also while we as a group were doing  research we  found many of news out there about the landfilled,then it made us  wonder how would recycling help the landfills so it turn out that when we don't recycle the plastic could go in the  landfilled and right now  the landfills are affecting our air pollution by releasing toxic gases in the air, and do you know that in landfilled there are over ten toxic gases that are released from the  landfilled into the air for example of a gas  the most and serious toxic gases that are affecting  are  methane,methane gas are gas that naturally produced during the process of decay of organic matter.Methane gas is formed, it builds up pressure and then begins to move through the soil. In a recent study of 288 landfills, off-site migration of gases, including methane, has been detected at 83% of these landfill sites, methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.And also a new research said that for each degree that the Earth's temperature rises, the amount of methane entering the atmosphere from microorganisms dwelling in lake sediment and freshwater wetlands -the primary sources of the gas - will increase several times,this research are found by the  postdoctoral research associate in Princeton's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. And It has some studies also  show  that people living close to landfills suffer from lung and heart diseases from the toxic gases that are released from the landfill degradation.And we think the only ways to help air pollution and landfills is try to recycle and putting garbage in the right bin so that the recycling materials don’t end up in the landfills.  

We began our Green Games project last week on Monday, and the action plan was started before we did anything else. We put a lot of thought into this project, as well as a lot of effort and planning. We needed a plan and we originally had a different one. We then thought of a much better idea and proceeded to make it happen. We also did everything that we thought of in that amount of time. The materials that we needed was a poster board, pens, and cue cards. Air did some of the poster, the rationale, took the pictures, and talked to Mr.O’Neill.Schala handed out the cue cards, and did some of the research. Justice did the poster, research and took leadership in the experience. She also talked in front of mr.O’Neill’s class with Ruby. We also explained why it is important to recycle the same day. Ruby did the rest of the poster, part of the speech to mr.O’Neil’s class. The speech was about why we should recycle. First we thought up ideas for a few days. Then we agreed about the poster and the speech. The speech and the poster cards were both finished. Then a couple days later we presented our speech. Then we each picked one person from the class that had the best reasons and then we told the four winners.The  four winners received free pizza that is handed out on Thursdays.


The most surprising thing that we learned is that recycle could help saves the marine animals and help the big issue that we are facing today like the air pollution. Do you that landfill release 10 different toxic gas in the air? If you recycle the thing that could recycle won’t go to the landfill and create more toxic gas in our environment.The most difficult part was being super rushed. The whole project we felt was super duper rushed. We had three weeks to finish and we didn't have very much class time. Our other ideas before were so much better and had a better reason and it was better to get more people to realize what we were doing and how recycling is important, but since our time was short we had to change a bunch of our ideas to make our project meet the deadline.we learned that we should have a lot more time because then we could have more people noticing to recycle, have many others cleaning the fields and everything.Now that we finished the project, we could have had more planning and stuck to our plan a bit better. We used our time pretty wisely but Justice got a bit distracted at times, but she also did A LOT of work. Ruby worked really hard too. Schala did a good job researching and Air did a really good job with the overall project too. Our group worked good together.If we had another month we would get more people to notice that we should recycle. The way i want to do that is to put posters around the school and do a presentation for our class and every grade 6 class. We could also think more about our speech and have better research. Since we were so rushed so we feel that we didn't put very much effort into it cause we had such sort time.  Why we should recycle and we could do way more than we could have done with this amount of time. This project was very much rushed we feel. We only had 3 weeks to finish and hardly any class time.