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The Green Timbers Leadership Team has continued to take on many environmental issues this year. Currently, our team has two school wide recycling programs: The ColorCycle Recycle Program and the  Zinc Saves Lives Battery Recycle Program.

The ColorCycle Program:

The Colour Cycle program is created by Crayola. The purpose of the program is for students, staff and teachers to collect, recycle and repurpose plastic markers. The markers are sent to a facility where they are turned into clean fuel which is used to power vehicles, heat homes, cook meals for example. There are two main drop off bins where students, staff and teachers can drop off their markers. We also make announcements, put up posters and put information on our school website to spread the message not only through our school, but in the community as well.


Zinc Saves Lives Program

Zinc Saves Lives is a recycling program to help keep batteries out of the landfills. Further, by keeping batteries out of the landfill, we are helping to solve the global health issue of zinc deficiency. Each AA battery contains the same amount of zinc that can help saves the lives of six children! The is a drop off bin located at our office where individuals can drop off their batteries.

So far we have collected over 1000 markers and 1000 batteries this school year!