Recycled Art Project

Other peoples trash--- Our Treasures

Kispiox Community School
  • Grade 2
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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Our class has decided to save and upcycled everyday household items and find new fun ways to use them. Our focus is to create fun exciting "holiday" art projects.

So we've sent out and reached out and began to collect items to be used to upcycled.
We decided to stick to with the holiday art as a big theme but we have a closet in our classroom dedicated to stuff kids bring in, and during free play students go in and create amazing things.

Along with this we've decided to be paper aware in our class. Our homework is recycled into scrap paper-- sketches-- rough copies. We even had a paper sword fight using our homework pages.

Our big message is that what can be said to be trash is definitely our treasures! Let's save the planet by recycling and making beautiful art!