Recycling and Worm Composting at ZESS

Mr. Nabbe's Grade 3 to 6 Class

Zeballos Elem-Secondary
  • Mixed Middle School Grades
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Lynda Fyfe at Juniper Environmental Services

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Mr. Nabbe’s Grade 3 to 6 class at Zeballos Elementary/Secondary School runs the entire school’s recycling, bottle return, and organic waste program. They have been working hard to educate the other students in the school about recycling and composting.


They collect and sort all recyclables in the school. They made composting bins, and gather food scraps from every classroom daily to feed the worms. They then built the worms new ‘Hungry Bins’ and rehoused them as the population of little, wriggly composters grew.


They have certainly learned a lot throughout the year, and hope to visit Vancouver in the future, in order to see worm farming on a big scale at WormWorx.


We hope you enjoy the video!

Elementary School Winner
Return It Trip Winner