Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Reusable Rangers

Morgan Elementary
  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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We started our inquiry into recycling by brainstorming what happens to recycling and garbage and where it goes. We then brainstormed what we could do to reduce the amount of paper that went wasted in our class. We decided that instead of always using brand new paper, we could paint on the back of leftover worksheets, or make art projects out of paper that has only been minorly used. I began putting all left over worksheets, extra copies and any other random papers into a bin. The students were finding all sorts of uses for this left-over paper and their creations were becoming more and more complex. We began to think about what we could do with left over packaging and boxes. We created a maker station in which left over cardboard and other materials are stored for students’ projects. Students also participated in creating things for certain units such as instruments for ‘Sound’ out of recycled materials. Students have also been working on discerning when a paper or material is worth saving and using for another project, and when it is small enough or when it is time for it to be recycled. Students have also moved on from cardboard and paper items to noticing other uses for plastic items such as yogurt containers, as well as markers!