Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Recycling For The Future

Maple Green Elementary
  • Grade 1
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Our project is called reduce, reuse, recycle and it consists of students making an effort to reduce paper waste in our classroom. We discuss as a class what we can do to help reduce paper waste. Some strategies our class implements on a daily basis are: using both sides of the paper, drawing/cutting something small on the edge of the paper instead of the middle so someone else can use that paper, and using packaging (paper, cardboard, plastic bags) to make STEM projects. We have an art centre in our room where all the extra worksheets, boxes, stickers, yarn, construction paper that is only partly used goes. Students then take items from the art centre to create new art and STEM projects. This year, students have made: cars, boats, cards, race tracks etc. I find students on a daily basis going through the recycling bin finding "hidden treasures" that they can use in their projects. It is amazing to see! We also recycle old markers so that new markers can be made from them. Students even make me folders to hold our home reading papers and ribbons. I love the creativity that comes from the students through using recycling materials.