Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Greendale Global Guardians

Greendale Elementary
  • Grade 4
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This year, the Greendale Global Guardians continued to work on ways we can reduce our environmental footprint.  We have successfully implemented a school wide composting and recycling program that has reduced the amount of waste we have produced by 75-80%. As this is our third year composting, we have offered workshops free of charge to other schools in our district. In January a neighbouring school came to see how we conduct a garbage audit, and asked about how to establish a school wide composting system. They are now in the midst of getting this program set up and we will continue to mentor them as they need it.
We also wanted to look at how we can reduce our waste even more, and we decided that our bulletin boards would be a great place.  We purchased low VOC paint and the teachers had a painting party at the end of the summer.  Our bulletin boards no longer require a paper background since we have the paint on them now.  In total we painted 11 bulletin boards and have saved 22 sheets of paper (3 feet by 1 foot) each year from being used.
We also held our second annual National Sweater Day event. On February 4 we turned the heat down in the entire school by 2 degrees and encouraged everyone to wear a sweater. This reduces our Greenhouse gases for the day. We also held a hot chocolate sale that day where the students brought in their own cups so we created no waste.
Each month we set a goal for the school to work on (lights out when classes not in, least garbage on Litterless lunch days, etc) the Green Team measures each class's activity in the goal area and then awards the trophy that we made. This has made all of our school eager to help us reduce our environmental footprint. Overall we have changed the culture of our school community. Everyone thinks about composting or recycling their waste rather than throwing it out. Our school PAC even purchases compost able plates for our school pancake breakfast in the Spring.

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