Reducing Waste in the Classroom

Green Team

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
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For this year’s BC Green Games, our class decided to bring our own reusable utensils such as metal or plastic spoons, forks, knives, or chopsticks to school instead of using disposable utensils. Most of the students in our class order lunch from the hot lunch program at school This means that we use a lot of single-use plastic every day. This is a lot of plastic send to the landfill daily. We chose this topic because it is something we can all accomplish and because most people have reusable utensils at home that they can use. Using reusable utensils benefits our environment because using reusable utensils creates less garbage. For examples, at our school, we have about 20 divisions, and about one-third of the students order hot lunch. This means that 200 plastic utensils are used every day – 600 every week. Our class worked on bringing and using reusable utensils for about 1 week until we decided to involve the other classes. Continuing to reduce single-use plastics helps benefits our school, home, and class. If we start and tell other people about it, we hope that other people will do it too! Future expansion including asking other schools, homes and offices to get involved in this too. The impact of this project will be an environmentally-friendly city.