Reuse, Recycle and Reduce!

SRE Green Team

South Rutland Elementary
  • Grade 4
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We are the SRE Green Team! We are a Grade 4 class that is passionate about what we do! As a team, we have been hard at work recycling as much as we can, and reusing or repurposing what we can, so that we reduce our ecological footprint. To achieve our goals, we compost our organics, use reusable mugs (hot chocolate tastes much better when you use a mug!), collect and sort the school's paper and container recycling weekly, recycle our empty felt markers and go outside and do yard clean up. Our next project will be making our own plant pots out of newsprint so we can plant flower and herb seeds and learn a little about horticulture (we think our families will enjoy the fruits of our labours). We are doing all of this because we feel it is important to do our part to keep our environment healthy. Every little bit helps! Along with all the green activities, we also collect non-perishable foods for our local food bank as we feel that helping those in need is very important and it gives us a better understanding of our world which helps to make us better global citizens! We care about this place and the people we share it with so we are always excited and motivated to do our part. Please vote for us! Thank you - SRE Green Team.