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Leah Seltzer, LifeCycles Project Society

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My name is Sophie Sianen and I am in Grade 10. I was first introduced to the Courtyard Garden at Reynolds when we were studying ecology, specifically sustainability and food security, last year in the Flexible Studies Program. In the garden, we saw real examples of what we were learning about in the classroom. By growing and harvesting the vegetables from our garden and using them in our Salad Bar Program, we practice a sustainable form of food security, where everybody knows where their food comes from, and benefits by eating healthy. This is my favourite part of gardening, because of how much it can positively affect the greater community.

I truly believe that my experiences in the Garden have helped me establish new connections within the community by having fun through learning and hands-on work! Aside from practising my observational skills for Field Studies, I have learned practical skills such as: how to tend to a garden bed, how to plant seedling or seeds in neat organized rows, and when to harvest the crops at their freshest.

Just being in the garden has also had a noticeable and positive impact on my overall health. The clean and crisp air always clears my lungs, while being out and enjoying Garden also helps me de-stress. As you can tell, very therapeutic. I always look forward to going to garden club at the end of each week because I get to see friends and meet new students who are also interested in gardening.

I never find it difficult to work in the garden because we work as a team, and there is always someone happy to help if you need it. You just gotta ask! Just like how in any ecosystem or biome, everything and everyone works interdependently in harmony with each other.

As a school who is a firm believer in taking action through green, eco-centred initiatives, we support our school and the greater community as well as improve the health of the planet. We also influence other BC schools by leading the way for schoolyard garden programs that promote health and well-being for the students.

In this past year, over 500 students have participated in hands-on learning in the garden, including a Garden Apprenticeship Program that ran for 9-weeks during the summer. An award from BC Green Games will help us purchase more tools and build a covered outdoor classroom area to help our entire school participate in learning the garden all year long.