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Green Games Essay

Deforestation is a growing problem that is destroying trees around the world. Approximately eleven percent of all greenhouse gas emissions from humans are caused by deforestation. I believe that we need to stop deforestation or we will have no forests left to shelter animals and clean our air.

First, cutting down trees destroys the habitats of wildlife. If the low estimate that two million species exist on our planet is true, then 200-200,000 extinctions happen per year .

Deforestation is adding to these numbers.

Did you know that 20% of the Earth’s oxygen is produced by the rainforests of South America? We are losing these rainforests fast and if we continue to lose them we will face a severe
consequence . This consequence will be that the forests will not give us oxygen, but instead carbon dioxide stored inside the bark of the tree. This contributes to global warming when the trees are cut down.

You may say that there are plenty of trees in the world and we can always plant more, but if we cut down trees faster than they can grow we will be losing more than we plant. It takes a fast-growing tree about ten years to grow twenty-five feet. We currently cut down almost 15 billion trees a year. Trees help keep the ground moist and when trees catch water on their leaves the water evaporates which causes rain somewhere else. This is called evapotranspiration. In the future scientists think they might be able to plant trees strategically to make it rain in drought-stricken regions. If we lost all our trees that could lead to a dryer earth, which then could create drought and a higher risk of forest fires.

You may also ask “Why are forests being cut down?” Forests can be cut down to make way for agriculture, soy, and the biggest one being palm oil plantations. Palm oil is a commonly made vegetable oil. It’s cheap and is used in food and things like shampoo and lipstick. According to a report by Zion Market Research the Palm Oil market was valued around 65 billion dollars in 2015 and is supposed to reach around 92 billion dollars by 2021 .

My group has researched this topic so that we can create a video to raise awareness about deforestation. We have divided our research into sections so that each speaker in our video can share their findings with others. Next, we will submit our video to The Green Games to have it viewed and judged.

In conclusion, I feel that if we don’t slow down deforestation, we won't have trees to keep our air clean and provide habitats for animals. We will also have less precipitation and more drought. When we burn trees down to create room for agriculture and palm oil plantations we release greenhouse gases into the environment. In the future I hope to see less trees being cut down and to see more alternatives to paper products and palm oil.

*We have included our reference citations on the uploaded PDF. Thank you.