Salmon Savers

The Salmon Savers of Alexander Elementary School

Alexander Elementary
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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Julianne Pickrell

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This year, the Green Team at Alexander Elementary School has been focused on salmon sustainability and stream stewardship. In anticipation of the salmon eggs we would be receiving through the Salmonoids in the Classroom program, we visited the neighbourhood stream where we would eventually be releasing our fry. In so doing, we became aware of a problem with garbage in the stream and surrounding forest and made a commitment to return regularly to clean it up. Since September, we have been spending one afternoon a month engaged in this work.

Students were keen to expand their work as stream keepers so we researched the connection between storm drains and fish habitat. In identifying their own lack of understanding about this vital connection, we concluded that there was a need for more storm drain education. We decided to target our school community and neighbourhood and came up with a three step plan:

  1. We made educational brochures and are in the process of distributing over 500 of them to our school community and neighbourhood.
  2. We devised engaging presentations to bring our message to each of the classrooms in our school.
  3. Once the weather warms up, we will be participating in the Storm Drain Marking Program and will be painting yellow fish beside all of the drains in our neighbourhood.