Salmonid Enhancement Program

Surrey Salmon Stewards

Green Timbers Elementary
  • Grade 3
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Project:  Salmonid Enhancement Program

Our grade 3 students are participating in the Salmonid Enhancement Program.  The students are learning about the natural Life Cycle of the Coho Salmon and how we are helping their survival rate during their early stages of life.  We received 65 coho salmon eggs from the Tynehead Hatchery in January and take care of them in our classroom tank.   The salmon arrived as eyed-eggs, will develop into alevins, then fry.  As a culmination, we learn how to release them safely back in to the Serpentine River in May.  The students are also learning to be stewards for the environment in how to take care of our forest trails, streams and rivers.  It is an exciting program to be involved in!