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Save the Bees - Ocean Cliff Elementary

Ocean Cliff Elementary
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Honey Bee Centre

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Division 4 has been exploring the effects of globalization and the interdependence of natural resources. As part of global awareness, and exploring our local resources, students are investigating the effects of pesticides on bees. With spring upon us, the role of bees and pollination is a tremendous concern on our natural resources. Our field study to the HoneyBee Centre helped students to explore topics of how bees pollinate, the role of pollination to our agriculture, and the various types of local honey. This project includes investigating and evaluating informational text, comparing points of views, hands-on experience at the HoneyBee Centre, with the intent to present a persuasive argument for helping to preserve our bee population. Student projects appeal to the importance of preserving our natural resources, and helping to preserve our endangered bees.