Saving Energy/Electricity

Electricity Savers

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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BC Hydro

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Our team of two had picked energy saving because not only does it save you money but it also saves the earth so theirs a bonus involved. Our group had made a poster on why people we should save energy in classrooms and your homes. We also talked about tips and tricks to help with you saving energy and the impact it makes when you save electricity. at the end of us talking to the classes we had challenged people to think about if they haven't already been saving energy what they can do to start saving energy , and if they have already been saving energy is there anymore ways they try saving more. We also had challenged the classes to see how many days they can go with the lights out or just trying to use 1 ceiling light and maybe a small lamp. We also chose this project because saving energy also means we reduce fossil fuel use and green house gas emissions and if we reduce the green house gas emissions and fossil fuels that means cleaner air and better breathing.