saving paper

isaiah kendall jacob zav

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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abbotsford waste management

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For our action plan we will hang up plastic board with our project on it. The posters will tell people about the waste of paper and how it affects the climate. The poster will tell people to use more tech than paper. We should also promote B.Y.O.L in class rooms. We will get boxes and put them in different classes so they put the paper in the box and we will recycle the paper properly.


  • Our idea is to reduce the amount of paper in the schools of british columbia. If we reduce the amount of paper at our school  then we will save more trees in our community. Just in one year 55 to 110 million trees were chopped down and only half of the paper was recycled. So when we reduce the amount of paper used we are saving more trees for fresher air. We want to save more trees because they help with climate change by taking in carbon dioxide and other harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide and letting out fresh oxygen.


Climate change is caused by these gases and if we keep more trees then the climate will stay a good temperature. If we keep using paper we might lose our fresh and the air could be hazardous. If we exceed this might become a worldwide project and if it does it could save many people from hazardous air. Even if we don't succeed we will still reduce paper in our school so even that amount can help the economy just a little. If we stop using paper we can have healthier lungs and bodies.