Saving Power

Power Outers

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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BC Hydro

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    The need for help is here because many people talk about saving power for future generations but do nothing, what we are here to do is to tell people that you can have it all in one, for example if you are a family of four, buy one big tv, buy one big fridge, buy yourself phones but try not to use it as much because you only need your phone for emergencies and calling,  by that you save energy to not charge and also another trick is to use water that is cold just try, it gets refreshing. What we’re hoping to improve is to kill a watt in at least 12-20 houses. We want to show people if we don’t change our ways fast we will deal with it and that is why we want people to donate to Renewable World and send us an email about how much they donated.


Action Plan


    We are going around people's houses and will do this. We ask them to donate to Renewable World and send us an email at Minsung or Shaan’s. We also tell them what they are donating to. We will have a day at our school on February 22nd where we will try to drop our electricity numbers down to an elementary school, Centennial Park Elementary. What we will do is no heat on that day. Here is a comparison chart.  


Electricity Usage Comparison Feb, 22, 18

Comparison factors

Abby Middle School

Centennial Park Elementary

Floor Area



Total Consumption based on area



Total Consumption




    Up below you can see that we have successfully done our project and killed more than one watt because our daily usage is between 420-1300 kWh. We have got $89` dollars of donations to our charity that we have chosen. There is a picture that shows some of the donations.




    We learned that you should be aware of what you do every day and how those everyday things can affect your life in the future and that once in a while you should do something that will help your community even if you don’t have an objective. I hope our project had an impact on some families but I am sure it did not have a big impact because the word was not spread well.