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Island Natural Growers

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At Salt Spring Elementary, every class helps with and enjoys garden activities throughout the year. From growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing all-school garden lunches to learning names of veggies and fruits in other languages, to building cob benches or mosaic butterflies, students spend time learning and playing outdoors in the food gardens.

At monthly work-parties, a group of dedicated parents, teachers, and community volunteers help maintain the gardens. Garden activities are offered to classes throughout the year by this group, and funding is always needed to keep up the garden infrastructure and programs! 

This spring, we're planting fruit and nut trees and shrubs around the schoolyard, labelling them in French and indigenous languages, and planting veggie seedlings in our new greenhouse. We'll grow food for the June Thank-You Lunch, then replant the beds for a Halloween Celebration Lunch when school returns. 

For more information, check out www.schoolgarden.ca