School wide recycling program

Green Beans

Bert Bowes Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Susan McGarvey NEAT

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Recycling program proposal:


To: Wade, Jen, Velate, Sarah, Cindy and Staff


The grade 7 French immersion class would like to become ambassadors for a re-vamped recycling program here at Bert Bowes. This initiative will cover several careers curriculum outcomes and provide an authentic learning experience for our students. Specifically, students are learning about local and global needs and opportunities,  global citizenship, volunteer opportunities, leadership and project management. Through this content students will demonstrate leadership skills through collaborative activities in the school and community and set realistic short- and longer-term learning goals, define a path, and monitor their progress.  

We propose that each individual classroom will have their own recycling bin (provided by us). There will also be one provided in the staffroom. Moreover, we will have 5 larger bins out in the hallways. We propose that teachers will be responsible for emptying the smaller bin into the larger bin whenever it is full or convenient for them (just as we currently do with cans). The students will be responsible for picking up, monitoring (for contamination) and transporting the materials gathered into the large containers outside of classroom hours. This will serve as a basis for their volunteer hours. We would like to store the materials in the C-Can where we currently store bottles and paper until the Eco-Depot is able to collect them.

We propose to educate each TAG class about the recycling initiative. There are three groups of students that will go to each grade level’s TAG class for one period to present what is recyclable, what is not and why they should get involved.   To encourage a continued participation by students we will have a weekly announcement that re-states what is recyclable and facts about climate change. Furthermore, we will have monthly competitions for TAG classes to participate in to win prizes and house points. The competitions information will be sent in a clear and concise email near the beginning of each month. We would like to ask teachers to present these emails and allow the students time during TAG to work on the project (the amount of time is up to your discretion). Finally, we have 3 awareness campaigns that will be ongoing throughout the year, during student lunch hours.

We propose to roll-out this re-vamped recycling initiative in January. We would like to use Eco-Depot as their bins, pick-up and signage come at no cost to the school. We anticipate that in the beginning there will be hiccups and challenges. Any concerns about the program should be brought to the attention of Nicole O’Reilly head of the program.