Smoking Presents: Environmental Effects

Abby Middle Geniuses

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Robyn Unger

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We are going to raise awareness for the environmental effects of smoking. To do this we are going to draw posters to put up around our school, and on Thursday February 22 2018, Cassy will go over to Naomi’s house to pick up cigarette butts in her neighbour. Then on Monday the 26th of February,  we will present to our class and show them the cigarette butts. We need to do this because the smoke that occurs from burning cigarettes is harmful to the environment, and the cigarette butts are not biodegradable.

We are going to research the effects smoking have on the environment and on wildlife. We are going to put posters up at our school to raise awareness about the effects smoking has on the environment and pick up cigarette butts from Naomi’s neighbourhood.(Huntington) After we collect the cigarette butts we are going to put them in a mason jar and show it to our classmates, so they can see how many cigarettes are thrown away in a small area. Mrs.Unger was our community contact. She helped us come up with ideas, and helped us organize the day we picked up cigarette butts.

For our project we researched the effects smoking has on the environment. We drew posters and put them up in the grade 7 hallway at our school. The posters are to raise awareness about the many effects smoking has on the environment. We created a slideshow on the effects smoking has on the environment and presented it to our classmates. We also went to Huntington(Naomi’s neighbourhood)  and picked up cigarette butts that were just tossed on the ground. In Huntington we went up and down three and a half streets and collected enough cigarette butts to fill one big mason jar.

We learned about the many effects smoking has on the environment. We learned that a lot of people just throw their cigarette butts on the ground after they are done with them. We learned that cigarette butts are not biodegradable, and that smoke can harm wildlife throughout the entire world.  Our project could inspire our classmates to not smoke, and if they do, to dispose of the cigarette butts properly.