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Treasure Finders

Promontory Heights Community Elementary
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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What a year!  This has been a tough year with a steep learning curve.  Students this year took ownership of this project and several really showed a new refresh enthusiasm for making changes.

With a school of over 600 students it is a difficult to task to have continuity and buy in from everyone.  Our students decided to focus on drink container recycling.  Our students taught the class and gave out reminders through posters to encourage all students to properly sort and dispose of their drink containers correctly.  Our school recently received new recycle cans.  Waste is sorted into 4 different bins.  One being the (refundable) drink containers.  

Our students diligently collected the containers every lunch, sorted them, and clean up.  Overall, the hard work seems to be paying off.  Students still seem to get mixed up when it comes to dairy and Jello-type containers.  A battle our team is willing to face and defeat!  Our next plan is to take pictures of what belongs in each container and make colored copies that are laminated to be placed on each bin.  We plan to go hard with organics once we have figured out the drink containers.  This may happen this year or early next year. 

We have continued our battery recycling, marker recycling, and turning lights off to save power as a team.  Having BC HYDRO out this year was a huge encouragement for many students.  What a fun way to learn about the importance of saving energy.