Sorting Waste

Classified Sorting Bandits

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

Community Coach(es): 

City of Abbotsford garbage, Moe's Bottle Depot , Capt'n Crunch and Abbotsford Community Services Recycling Program

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Hello! Our names are Pia, Deesha and Jasmeen. Our project is about sorting waste. Why did we do this project? Well, we did this project because the landfills are getting humongous, the landfills include things that are recyclable and compostable which we can use for better things that save the earth. But some people decided to be lazy or just being blind and put compostables, garbage and recycling in the wrong bins. Seriously, it isn’t that hard to put it in the right bins.


If this continues, the landfills continuously grow and you know how they get rid of waste in the landfill? They burn it which causes pollution then it causes us to get bad air to breathe also causes climate change. If this continuously keeps going, we won’t have that beautiful nature scenery, the clean air to breathe and saying how hot it would get.


Us humans aren’t the only ones impacted by this. Animals can also get impacted, some landfills are dumped into the sea where fishes live and those fishes end up being kill or disfigured or unable to support themselves because we were too lazy to do simple things like to put things in the right bin which causes are Earth to unable to support us anymore because of our laziness.


Even if one piece of recycling ends up in the landfills, it causes a ripple effect. So what if it is only one piece of recycling, it would cause the landfill to grow still, it would be dumped into the ocean and the fishes would be the ones that are hurt while we don’t notice what is happening below the blue water.


It’s our fault if we don’t sort our waste right, it’s our fault because we are too blind to the impact that is caused by us, us humans. But it is never too late to change our ways, we can stop this cycle from happening over and over again by changing our ways and sort our waste into the right bins.


We can save the environment, animals, the clean air and us. That’s why we did this project, to save this earth and everything on it. Please, support our project and do right in this world to save animals, humanity and the earth and keep it a beautiful place to live in.

We also did a contest for the garbage for the class who sorts their waste into proper bins and who makes the less garbage won pizza and Jolly Ranchers.