Sprouting A New Beginning

Port Moody Green Team

Port Moody Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Marina Mehai

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Port Moody Secondary had never had an environmental club in the past. In fact, our school really lagged behind in this aspect. At the start of this summer, we decided that someone needed to do something, so why not us? With this in mind, we set out to create a club that would allow students to not only help clean up our school, but also to raise awareness about several environmental issues. Through a lot of hard work in the summer, we managed to organize a club that was ready for the new school year. Green Team members meet once a week after school and attend an Adopt-a-Trail session once a month at our local park. Here is some evidence of what we have accomplished so far:


Photo 1 - Our club’s first day

Our poster board in our school foyer on Club Day. The Green Team Leadership Team posing for a picture! The Green Team is a brand new club in our school!

Sign-up sheet

The Green Team sign-up sheet that was placed in front of our poster board on Club Day. This was just the first page and in total, we had 60 students sign-up! This marked a great start for the Green Team.


Photo 2 - The Very First Trail Clean-Up

A photo of the members that attended the Adopt-a-Trail session on Oct 23, 2015! This was our first Adopt-a-Trail session which ended with great success! We were able to pick up vast amounts of litter that were thrown throughout the trail. While it was hard looking for litter, cleaning up the trail allowed it to become more beautiful and enjoyable for both humans and wildlife living in the park. It was a beautiful sunny day for members to mingle and help create a sustainable environment in their local community. Not only did our members have a great time getting to know their teammates, the results were also wonderful as everyone worked hard to get every scrap of garbage into the garbage bin.


Photo 3 - The Beginning of our Electronics Drive

This was a note attached to all Green Boxes to inform the staff of the Green Team’s upcoming electronics drive. We also sent out an email to all teachers with more information regarding the event. With this level of instruction, we ensured all staff and students were aware of what these Green Boxes were and also what they were for.


Photo 4 - Creation of our Green Boxes

This photo shows a Green Team executive member creating a Green Box for the upcoming electronics drive! It ran from Nov. 23-26. Green Boxes were created by Green Team members at our weekly meetings. We distributed one for each classroom in our school so that everyone would have the opportunity and ability to conveniently dispose of their electronics. We collected all the boxes at the end of the week with outstanding results! A number of the collected electronics were able to be donated to the local hospital while the rest were recycled by a Green Team member. Since this event was such a great success, we will hold another electronics drive sometime this year.


Photo 5 & 6 - Garbage and Compost Posters 

One of our next biggest projects was creating posters for our school. Our school had recently received green bins, and we noticed that many of the students weren’t too sure of what materials were allowed to go inside.  In order to combat this, our club created several posters to put around the school. These posters were carefully created and laminated by Green Team members in order to ensure for them to be long lasting. Posters for the items allowed in the garbage bins were also made and posted on the more commonly used garbage bins throughout the school. This was proven to be very helpful as students and staff could now clearly recognize where their garbage or food scraps would go.


Photo 7 - Sorting Used Electronics

After a long time of collecting electronics, it was finally time to sort them. Our club members worked hard to get them sorted so we could donate the usable electronics to a hospital. The rest of the electronics were then recycled. All of the club members worked very hard to ensure that everything was sorted properly. In all, we managed to collect an entire bin full of old and used electronics.


Overall it's been an amazing year for our club. We started off with nothing and managed to create a group of truly dedicated members who have a passion for what they do. Every meeting has been incredibly enjoyable, and we’ve managed to make a lasting impact on our school. We’ve done so much in our first year as a club; we’ve hosted numerous trail clean ups as well as school clean ups, we’ve hosted an extremely successful electronics drive, and we managed to create informative posters to help students sort garbage. All of this, and the year isn’t even over yet! We have plans for a lot more to come.This includes using any money to go towards purchasing water bottle refill stations. On top of this we will also put money towards purchasing more compost bins in our school. Currently, there are only 8 bins for the whole school, and by purchasing more bins it would encourage students to compost even more. Our goal would be to have a bin in every classroom.



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