Street cleanup

Gracy, Muskan,Jasleen

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Green Games Project We chose street cleanup for our project because we want to show awareness to some people that live in Alta Ave. We are spreading awareness by giving a survey to people in Abbotsford Middle School, and sending notices to people who live on Alta Ave. We would like to show people the effects of littering and what it can do if we don’t clean it up. Littering is getting pretty bad, so we would like to clean up the street and see if people on Alta Ave take care of their environment. There is a need for our help because if we don’t show people in Alta Ave what can happen to their environment it can get worse. The garbage can get built up on other roads, so we would like this road to be clean. If there is more garbage when we come back, we will know people didn’t care. Climate change is a change in the atmosphere’s average temperature, it changes because of global warming and greenhouse gases. The temperature often gets warmer, and the places that get affected are most likely to stay at that temperature or either get warmer. Climate change can be dangerous if it gets stronger because it will become uncontrollable. Climate change is going up and affecting more and more areas, and it is affecting several animals across the globe. Humans and animals might go endangered because of these causes. Climate change is a huge dilemma, it has impacted the Earth in many ways. Pollution is one of the things that is increasing global warming. Climate change impacts B.C because of the heavier rain and it raises the sea levels it will flood the land and it makes it harder to go from one place to another place. Because of climate change summers get higher than the 30s and 20s. Climate change affects our winter by the snow gets the highest to 5 feet of snow. The highest rainfall bc was 9,307 mm fell in 1997. The highest-ranking wildfire in B.C is rank 6. The worst windstorm in B.C was a 457 metres pier. Climate change impacts B.C in many ways. Global warming makes the temperatures get lower the 0- and the highest 30s. Those are the most common weather effects for B.C. Our action plan is to clean up a street and spread awareness to those who go to Abbotsford Middle School. We will give out notices to the people who live on Alta Ave about how we cleaned up the street and what littering can do. We want the people of Alta Ave to keep the street clean, so there will be less pollution. We are going to check after a while to see if the street looks the same as we left it, or if it has gone worse. We are going to hand out notices when cleaning up so we can inform the people what we are doing and why we are doing it. We are planning to make a survey on climate change. We are going to survey people who go to Abbotsford Middle, we will ask if they help the community and whether they would help us or not. We plan to change the minds of the people who live on Alta Ave to stop littering and take a stand, we might not be able to do this but it is our goal. We don't have a community coach. In our project, we cleaned up. I already cleaned up the street and on the 24th we will give out our notices and check to see if the street stayed the same. We were planning on giving the notices when we cleaned up, but it didn’t work out. So, we are still hoping to be able to hand them out. We also got to do our survey, we got to do our survey but we didn’t get to do it too many people. We only got to do it on the people in our pod. We found out that most people don’t help out with the community, we found this out by doing a survey. Most of the results were no, or if I could I would. We measured this by doing a survey and checking what answer people chose. We had multiple choice answers so people could choose one based on what they do. We learned that climate change is a huge cause. It can impact the earth in many ways, it affects the earth by changing its temperature. If the temperature gets too high we might go endangered. We learned that if we don’t stop littering or using un-reusable items, the planet will get destroyed. By helping out the community we can make a small difference to our planet. We can slow down or even stop climate change if everyone participates, by cleaning and not littering and not using more than we need. Such as trees, plants, animals and more. We also learned that by cutting down our electricity we can cause less pollution/damage to the earth. If we cut-down time on our devices we can save tons of power and create less pollutants. If we turn off the lights when you are not using them, use less hot water, turning off our cars when we should we can slow down climate change. Yes, we are showing people garbage build-ups are bad for our earth. So by cleaning up the garbage, we can make a change to one street we can make a change to our earth. And we showed that Climate change affects B.C to. We are spreading awareness to people, if they help us we can make an environmental impact on the world. We can make a good impact if those people of Alta Ave help us and spread the word about littering and the causes. Yes, we checked every single box and we are happy with it. We are pleased with our decision and are ready to be published. We have checked the rubrics and checked off all the boxes above this one. Bibliography N.a. "Impacts of Climate Change - Province of British Columbia." Www2.gov.bc.ca. 31 Mar. 2017. Web. 7 Feb. 2020. N.a. "Impacts of Climate Change - Province of British Columbia." Www2.gov.bc.ca. 31 Mar. 2017. Web. 7 Feb. 2020. N.a. "ReTooling for Climate Change - Climate Change Impacts in BC." Retooling.ca. 18 Dec. 2019. Web. 7 Feb. 2020. NASA Climate Kids. "What Is Climate Change?." NASA Climate Kids. n.d. 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