Student Led Action Projects!

Div 1 and 4 Ravens

Como Lake Middle School
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
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At Como Lake we are student-led! Taking part in the BC Green Games meant letting students know that this is an opportunity to make a difference in our community and world. As Global Citizens the actions we take make ripple effects to the rest of the world.

We spent some time learning about issues happening locally and globally. Students were excited and encouraged to create an Action Project to address an issue that is important to them. Support was available from teachers and parents but the project was essentially up to the students.

There were a variety of projects that came back at the end of the term. The major themes were: Community based clean ups, fundraisers for various charities, animal rights posters and naturally sourced bird feeders.

Each student/group had different values that led their project and some projects were direct sources of action (clean ups, bird feeders) while other projects created indirect ripple effects (frundraisers, rasing awareness). Students documented their projects in various ways and during end of term reflections the BC Green Games Action Project was a favorite!

It was a treat to watch the students passions for making our world a better place shine through and allowing their creativiety take them to amazing conclusions. Very proud of everyone in Div 1 and 4!