Students Serving Students: Farm to School Lunch Program

Students Serving Students: Farm to School Lunch Program

Lord Roberts Elementary
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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Farm to School Lunch Program Action Planning

  • For our Green Games project we decided to plan and make a lunch for 3 classes. This was our first pilot as part of a project we plan to carry forward at our school. Students will be involved in preparing lunch for other students, including as many ingredients as possible from local farms and from our large school garden.

Brainstorming Menu Options and Choosing a Favourite - Make Your Own Burritos and Salad Bar

  • We made a long list of potential options and eventually got input from other students to narrow it down to make your own burritos with a salad bar with several vegetables and fruit.

  • We used the following criteria to help our brainstorming and selection:

    • Low environmental impact

    • Incorporation of ingredients from local farms where possible

    • Healthy (matching with the new Canada’s Food Guide: lots of vegetables and fruits, protein foods, especially plant proteins, and whole grain foods)

    • Cost (seared Oceanwise albacore tuna was discussed but determined to be too expensive for the current project)

    • Students like it!

    • Fits with the capacity of current kitchen facilities and equipment

Plant Proteins

  • We went for black beans and refried beans as our main proteins for the burritos to try to demonstrate that plant-based options can be delicious. Environmentally, we all need to be choosing plant proteins more often.

Squash from a Farmer Whose Son Goes to our School

  • The father of a student from another class is a farmer, so we bought some carnival squash from him at the Winter Farmers Market to include in our burritos.

Using Local and Seasonal Ingredients Where Possible Even in Winter

  • We tried to include as many local options in our lunch as possible, even though it was February, probably one of the hardest months to try to do this in. We included carrots, kohlrabi and apples in our salad bar.

Using Local and Seasonal Ingredients Where Possible Even in Winter 2

  • We included the carnival squash and purple cabbage in our options for burritos.

The Delicious Rainbow of Options

  • The end result of our planning and busy morning of hard work was a beautiful table that we were proud to serve to our classmates.

Eating It Up and Going for Seconds

  • Students, teachers and principal happily ate what we served and many went back for seconds of the burritos and salad bar.

No Food Wasted!

  • No food was wasted. The little food that was left over was happily eaten by another class after lunch, even when we no longer had any tortillas left.