Sustainability of Salmon

Bernard Elementary Green Team

Bernard Elementary
  • Grade 6
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Steve Ball, Salmonids program

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We have the Salmonids in the Classroom program in our school. As part of the Biology section of the curriculum, we decided to have students produce a banner that outlined the life cycle of the salmon and the kinds of challenges this fish species is facing in the section of river from Peach Creek, Fraser River, and the Pacific Ocean. This worked under the topic of Sustainability. Students from 3 science classes worked in teams to cover the various topics. Students researched, coloured, put together focus sections, and helped put the whole mural together. Along with their work on the banner, students completed the Planet Protectors program. To conclude this unit we will compare salmon anatomy to human anatomy. All the work was done as part of our regular science classes.

Most of the students are in grade 6, with some grade 5's, as well.