Tamanawis Global Awareness

Global Awareness

Tamanawis Secondary
  • Grade 11
Photo Essay (3–10 images)

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At Tamanawis Secondary, our global team is making a fantastic contribution in regards to global issues in our world today. We have been able to make a positive difference in our school, Tamanawis Secondary, as well as our community. Global Awareness members take part in activities such as Lend A Hand to improve the environment by cleaning it up alongside the support of the rest of the school. Moreover, we have our mascots, Edison the Energy Bear, and Light Bulb Mascot that encourage students to learn and implement ideas to conserve energy at home and at school. Futhermore, we have taken on initiatives to support members of the community by organizing successful food drives. Our global team has enthusiastic members that take part in improving the world through various projects that influence students and teachers at our school, and members in the community.