Ten Broeck Green Griffins Green Team

Ten Broeck Green Griffins

Ten Broeck Elementary
  • Grade 5
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The Ten Broeck Elementary grade 5 Green Griffins, as we call ourselves, from Abbotsford BC, have been exceptionally busy. Comprised of 28 grade 5 students, 1 teacher, and 2 EA’s, we have been on a mission to educate the rest of our school, and the community, on the importance of green initiatives. Activities over the last 3 months have included using tongs to first clean the school yard, and then expanding our work into the local neighbourhood. Before we started doing the physical work, we spent a month learning about how human impact affects the environment. The students wanted to determine how they individually and collectively could make the biggest positive impact. Utilizing the concept of the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), our students decided that the best way for them to make the biggest difference would be to educate other students. The first thing the students did was to gather the supplies needed to clean up the community. The supplies included tongs, recycling bins, compost bins, and rubber gloves. After that, the education of the other students in the school began. Our class registered with our school district to officially become Ten Broeck’s Green Team. We created educational posters with eye-catching visuals that were placed around the school. Our class then tested the clean up methods using the supplies before approaching the rest of the school with a plan. Currently, the students are producing a video to educate the rest of the school community on how to implement a program of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Additionally, we have some school wide initiatives planned by our Green Team for the upcoming months. These include a school wide litterless lunch week, a powerless Friday, and participation in the Canada wide Plastic Bag Grab Challenge.