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Terry Fox Secondary
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Kim Peterson

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We began working on this project in September of 2017 along with students from the ace-it program who specialize in carpentry. They have taken on the task of building a greenhouse for the school community. The ace-it students began to construct the greenhouse in October and finished the frame by November. In December and January, they built the roof and wrapped the frame in plastic. Now our next task is to put the glass on the roof of the greenhouse and then construct shelfs for the plants to grow on. Ace-it students at our school have also donated their time in helping to dig out the planter bed along with an earth science 11 class and a science 9 class.  Our goal is to have the plants in their pots by March 2018. Our next plan is to create 1m by 1m raised planter beds in the plot of land around the greenhouse and then grow various fruits, vegetables and even flowers. 

 Our main goal is to get the whole school community involved with the garden. We hope that our culinary classes will use the food they grow in their own dishes as well as having our skill development students help water and take care of the garden as a new routine for them. The science classes will also be able to do inquiry based projects around the garden.