Trash & Litter

Team H.A.L.

Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Why did we take action?

The reason we took action is because we realized that a lot of schools have a lack of recycling and compost bins outside during lunch time, and that lots of kids bring their food with them. Kids bring wrappers and chip bags yet they litter their trash instead putting them in the trash cans. Kids also bring food items that can be recyclable or compostable but are forced to put them in trash cans or litter. This litter as well as the excess trash in dumps, junkyards, scrapyards, and landfills is leading to pollution which is harming the environment which is going to affect us. Pollution is also poisoning our plants and animals which produce food, so pollution is also harmful to us poisoning our food. The more pollution that is created and not dealt with, the more harmful it gets which with global warming, invasive species and other harmful things is going to be devastating for our future since it is already affecting us humans now.

What did we learn?

We learned that schools don't have enough types of bins outside and that kids aren’t able to recycle during lunchtime. We also learned that lots of kids litter on school grounds. Did you know that about ⅓ of Canadians have littered which is about 12,580,700 people and that 4% of Canadians litter almost everyday? That is approximately another 1,503,000 Canadians who litter every day. This is a website that talks about this. https://www.plastics.ca/PlasticTopics/EnvironmentalSustainability/LitterPreventionManagement. We also learned that the average Canadian produces about 31 million tonnes of trash (and only 30% of that is recycled) which tells us that the average Canadian generates about 2.7 kilograms of trash. (https://www.crcresearch.org/solutions-agenda/waste) These are some of the things we learned whilst making this project.


How did we take action?

We took action by making a Google Slides Presentation about this sort of problem. We also took action by posting this on BC Green Games in hope that people will read this essay and think of what they are doing to the environment and that they will recycle more and reduce their production of excess trash.

What is the measurable impact of this project?

We hope that the measurable impact of our project will be great and that lots of people will take notice of our project and be reminded what they need to do to help our environment. We hope that the readers of our essay understand the problem we are facing and strive to find a solution.

What are our future plans?

We wish that school districts all over B.C. know that schools are one of the most places that generates a lot of waste. And that a big part of schools being wasteful are lots of paper being wasted, students not recycling, people littering, etc. We also wish that school districts will give schools opportunities to have different bins to put outside during lunch time so that kids can have the option to recycle INSIDE and OUTSIDE.


Our Project: Green Games

Trash & Litter: By Harp, Abel and Liam


Almost everyday kids go outside during lunch time, many of these kids bring food with them. This can be a problem because they could litter their waste on school grounds. Another problem is the lack of recyclable & compost bins outside. Lots of kids bring juice boxes, bananas, etc. at lunch time and can only put their recyclables in the trash. Some of these things could be recycled or put in compost, yet it is still put in the trashcan which is a massive waste.  We hope that the school district will give schools recyclable bins & compost bins to put outside during lunchtime so that kids have the option to recycle.


We ask that YOU to please recycle whenever you can and to please do not put your recyclable and compostable materials into the garbage cans during lunchtime. Instead, throw your waste in its appropriate bins before and/or after going outside.


As more trash and more trash is dumped into landfills and garbage dumps, the more and more resources are taken from the earth. This as well as global warming, invasive species, and pollution is decreasing the amount of plants, wildlife, and natural resources. We need to be sustainable. We humans need to have SUSTAINABILITY.


Definition of: Sustainability

  • The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.


  • The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.


Video about weaver ants and sustainability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5B_qlLan20


If we continue to litter, waste resources, throw away things that can be recycled or composted, land use, etc. We will hurt the environment which can, and will, affect us humans in a huge and negative way. It is already affecting us right now so that is why we need other types of bins outside during lunchtime so that kids can recycle or compost even when they are outside. Other places with people are also being affected in a harmful way right now, and those people will need our help or there will be consequences, and those consequences will show us what will happen if we don’t do something to help our planet. This problem is already affecting other schools here and in other places. For example, here is a website that talks about this sort of  problem.


These are the reasons why there should be more recycling and compost bins around the school, why we shouldn’t litter, why we shouldn’t harm the environment and wildlife, why we should recycle and compost, and why we should help the environment. It doesn’t matter if we are different, what belief we have, what race of human we are, if we care or don’t care we have to recycle, compost, and help the environment. We humans are homo sapiens and homo sapien means wise man, but are we really wise? We have hurt others, we have harmed the environment, we have littered, we have poisoned our food, we have made destruction during war, we have devastated other families, we have devastated our future, we have harmed the creatures of earth including us, we have done other things that have or will harm us, and if we do nothing about this our actions will be our undoing. Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion says that for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that reaction is what will harm us in the future. So please do things that will help our earth not harm it.


Thank you for listening to our presentation and please recycle & compost.