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Abbotsford Middle School
  • Grade 7
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Mrs. Olson

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Action Plan!

For our action plan to get the word around about what is happening to trees we will be doing a few things. First we will all go to the store and get a few posters or billboards and markers to draw and right some things about trees. We will be writing things like how it will affect humans and also animals. All of us (Evie, Sarah, and Tamanna) want to do a presentation to an elementary school. Such as Ten Broeck Elementary and North Poplar. Once the weather becomes more clear we want to go down revenue and plant some new trees for the environment and write something somewhere saying that they cannot cut down the trees. During our assembly to the elementary school we are going to try to open their minds to trees and how important they are. We want them to know what is happening outside of their homes that they don’t know about yet. Also while we are at the elementary school we are going to try to make a game and teach them what type of things have to suffer for others needs. Some will win prizes and some won’t. We will have a big speech on how trees are being affected by climate change and by people. We might presentate to the whole school or maybe just grade 5’s were not quite sure yet.


What We Actually Did.

We have now gone to the classroom at A.S.I.A North Poplar. We did a presentation on trees, how we can help, facts, ect. It went really well and we think that the kids there really benefit from know the damage we do to trees everyday. We made sure that they know ways to help like using paper wisely. Mrs.Dugdale was very kind and we thanked her a lot for letting us come in and present to her class. At the end we gave the kids candy if they answered questions correctly. By the way, the class was a grade 5 class. The other thing we did was planted tree in the group of 17 people. We planted the trees behind abby senior. A cool guy names Shawn gave us a quick how-to on planting trees. First we pick a tree, then we dig a wide hole, put it in, then cover the  area with wood mulch. We planted one tree each except we had the choice to do three. Me and Tamanna tried to plant a willow tree but there was this huge root in the ground blocking the hole so we had to put the tree back on the truck. By the end, it was pouring rain and we were a drenched in water. It was hailing out too! Basically it was a bit of a storm. It lasted about ten minutes so everyone else inside was ok to go and walk home. That is how our tree planting went. And the class presentation.


Why are we doing this.

The reason we have chosen to plant trees is because the are being cut down. They give us oxygen which is very important. Trees release oxygen when they use energy from sunlight to make glucose from carbon dioxide and water. Trees are being cut down to make paper/money  and there wood inside, there are many more reasons too. We are not only planting trees, we are  educating an elementary school about this issue. It is important to know about it because trees are a life source for all of us and there are so many ways to help trees and it important that they know that. Also to inform the public, we are painting a mural on a wall somewhere in abbotsford to let everyone know that trees are vital and that they should do something about it. We can only do this if the city lets us. This is very important because it lets a vast majority of abbotsford know this is an issue. We have to do this to spread the word to younger and more open minds about what is happening to trees. We are also doing this to have a green environment because there is a huge decreasing of trees and soon we won’t have that many trees left. So we want to plant trees to make a difference. Even if it is just a small one. Also we are wanting to paint a wall to spread an even bigger message around about how horrible this is. And it is not okay.


Climate Change!

Climate change has had a very huge impact on trees lately. A changing climate will worsen many of the threats to forests, such as pest outbreaks, fires, human development and drought. Climate changes directly and indirectly affect the growth and productivity of forests through changes in temperature, rainfall, weather, and other factors. In addition, elevated levels of carbon dioxide have an effect on plant growth. These changes influence complex forest ecosystems in many ways. In conjunction with the projected impacts of climate change, forests face impacts from land development, suppression of natural periodic forest fires, and air pollution. Although it is difficult to separate the effects of these different factors, the combined impact is already leading to changes in our forests. As these changes are likely to continue in the decades ahead, some of the valuable goods and services provided by forests may be compromised. Climate change is when the warmth of the sun incoming solar radiation bounces back into space but because of the gases the earth holds back the heat and does not allow the heat get back to space.


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