Trekking Thursdays

Division 9 Trekkers

Edith Cavell Elementary
  • Grade 2
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Trekking Thursdays grew out of the idea that for children to develop an environmental ethic and be a part of the solution to the ever-mounting problems facing the destruction of the natural world—they have to fall in love with nature first.  They have to get wet and dirty and find creepy bugs and fill their pockets with rocks and seeds and flowers; they have to drink rain and hear eagles and watch the shapes in the clouds. This is what we do every Thursday morning (rain or snow or shine) around our school and neighbourhood.  

While falling in love with nature, we combine all aspects of the Grade 2 curriculum during our treks.  Leaves are great for math lessons on estimating, adding and finding the difference.  Puddles, ponds and clouds give lots of insight into the significance of water.  The main focus of many of our treks is our inquiry into the life cycle of trees that grow around our school. Given that many students are able to recognize hundreds of brand names and corporate logos at first sight, we have made it one of our goals to know and recognize some of the native trees and shrubs that grow right under our noses. Each student has also adopted one of the trees that grow in our school yard—their tree is a source of inspiration for their poetry, art and scientific inquiry. 

We have also made a point of revisiting special places during our treks so we can notice the things that stay the same as well as the changes that happen over time.  Since September, we have had blazing sunshine, dense fog, downpours and snow!

The idea behind trekking Thursdays is, that by inviting students to engage with the natural world right outside their doorstep, it will foster hope in the beauty and wonder of what they see, hear, smell and feel.  Hope breeds action—and we must act now. The ultimate goal is inspiring a new generation be active participants in the conservation and preservation of our natural world…one tree at a time.

Elementary School Winner
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