Triple C's Tees

Cloverdale Community Champions (Triple C)

Cloverdale Traditional Elementary
  • Grade 5
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There is a small group of students making a big change at our school. They are the Triple C (Cloverdale Community Champions) group made up of amazing grade 4 and 5 students  They are encouraged to find ways they can make a difference in the world. These 25 dreamers and thinkers have initiated a colourful project called “Triple C’s Tees”. Over 14 kg of old, stained t-shirts have been collected and saved from the landfill. The students cut the t-shirts to make t-shirt yarn. They use knitting looms to make durable mats out of the yarn for the kindergarten classes, instead of the foams ones that are usually purchased. They also knit storage baskets for classrooms. These students will carry this experience of creating change with them their whole lives. They have truly created a hands on, grass roots environmental project that inspires and encourages all of us around them.