Turn Down the Heat!

Global Warning

James Thomson Elementary
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
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Abby from Let's Talk Trash

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Turn Down the Heat!

By: Global Warning


One day, our teacher said that there was a project we could do and if we won, we could go to Science World and it would make a difference for the environment. As a whole class, we brainstormed ideas for how we could help the earth. Then each student voted on the topics and our class split into two groups. Students in our group were interested in global warming, because our teacher had told us about what global warming is doing to the earth.


We found out that carbon emissions and methane gas were causing global warming. Burning fossil fuels creates carbon emissions. Animals are dying because the environment is changing too fast and they can’t adapt fast enough. Carbon emissions and methane gas are affecting the atmosphere for that more heat is trapped inside. Global warming is melting the ice and snow so the oceans are rising. The sea is warming up and it is killing the coral reefs and animals. Global warming is also making forest fires more frequent and bigger. Trees suck in the carbon and when forest fires happen, trees die and they can’t suck in carbon and can’t produce oxygen anymore, and the carbon goes into the atmosphere and makes the greenhouse effect worse.


Our group did a bottle drive to make money to donate to Trees Canada, who plants a tree for each $4.00 donated. We also hosted a National Sweater Day at our school. We made an announcement over the intercom and at a school assembly about these events and put up posters around the school. The purpose of National Sweater Day was to reduce energy usage and to raise awareness in our school on February 6. National Sweater Day took place in our school. The bottle drive and Our bottle drive started February 3 and finished February 10.


Abby, from the Let’s Talk Trash Team visited our class and taught us that methane gas is produced when compost in put in the landfill. She also told us that our garbage gets shipped 770km away to a landfill in Washington State. Our recyclables go to Richmond, then compacted into small pellets which are sent to China to be made into a new plastic product. The fuel used to transport the garbage and recyclables creates lots of carbon emissions and we want to reduce that.


On February 6 we were supposed to turn down the heat in our classroom for National Sweater Day, but we had a substitute teacher who didn’t allow us. We were also unable to find out if other classes participated. So, our class redid Sweater Day on February 12 and we remembered to turn down the heat and note the difference in temperature in the class room. For the Bottle Drive we only raised enough money for one tree because no other classes really participated.


Our Sweater day project reduced our carbon emissions on February 12. By showing other classes the Power Point presentation we showed them how easy it is to reduce our carbon footprints and what we have been doing to help the earth. The tree that will get planted from our donation will produce more oxygen as it grows and take in more and more carbon emissions. Our measurable impacts and results were from reducing the amount of heat used on Sweater day and therefore the amount carbon emissions and money for Trees Canada. Our project did not reach all our set goals. We only raised enough money for one tree and our goal was to raise enough for at least ten trees. For Sweater Day we wanted all the classes to participate, but only our class ended up doing it. We found out that it is difficult to change the heat setting in the school because each classroom only has a limited amount of control over the thermostat.


In the future, the tree we bought will keep growing and sucking up more carbon emissions as it grows. That one tree will also reproduce other trees. We would like to do a school-wide National Sweater Day every year and have a bottle drive every year to raise money for Trees Canada. We will also be doing Sweater Day for the month of March.