Vancouver Earth Day Parade and Celebration

Youth 4 Climate Justice Now

Windermere Community Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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We are a group of students part of Youth 4 Climate Justice Now from Windermere Secondary. This year we hope to make the 9th annual Vancouver Earth Day Parade a historic event by bringing out youth and adults from all over the lower mainland to raise awareness and to show our concern about climate change and climate justice. As youths, we are the leaders of tomorrow and we feel that it is our responsibility to protect the environment along with our futures.


On April 20, 2019, Youth 4 Climate Justice Now will be hosting Vancouver’s only youth-led annual Earth Day parade and celebration. On this day, people from all over the Lower Mainland will attend the parade along Commercial Drive to advocate for environmental rights.


Our goal is to educate the community and youth about pressing environmental issues with guest speakers, NGO booths, entertainment, and bands. Every year this event draws close to 1000 people. Our hope is to emphasize our desire for the urgent action for environmental change for a greener more sustainable future. We seek to bring our community together—students and adult allies—for a celebration and a day of learning, knowing that there is no such thing as a Planet B.