Vertical Gardens for the Classroom

Wellington Grade 8s

Wellington Secondary
  • Grade 8
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Vertical Gardens in the Classroom

For BC Green Games 2019, two classes of Grade 8 students at Wellington Secondary School used their math and science skills and a great deal of their own research and prior knowledge to create two, indoor vertical gardens.

While rain and snow fell outside, students started the process of creating vertical gardens to improve the classroom environment.  Students created their own designs for the structures – each class coming up with a different design. They used tools and wood from the woodworking class. In some cases, older students in the school offered suggestions and support. Students researched the potential benefits of increasing indoor green spaces. They created surveys and analyzed the results to decide which plants would be most beneficial and appreciated in the classroom. Using math knowledge and trial and error, students created a template to use for making pots out of felt. Since felt absorbs water, water only needs to be added to each gutter and individual plants do not require watering.  The students documented the process of creating the vertical gardens by conducting and videotaping interviews of each other and taking hundreds of pictures. They then carefully selected videos, pictures, and no copyright music to tell their story.

This project was a real challenge for the students. While there are many videos about building green walls and vertical gardens, none of the structures shown online are suitable for a classroom. However, using their imaginations and both new and prior knowledge, every student in both classes participated in the creation of two sturdy, vertical gardens that will grow over time and can be moved around the classroom and school as desired.  Additional plants still to be added include: mint, sage, and fennel. These plants will be donated by community members when the weather warms. Some students are now excited about the possibility of creating more green spaces outside the school in the spring.  

Enjoy the video!