Water Conservation Awareness Campaign

SJS Gr11 Geography

St John's School
  • Grade 11
Video Project (1 video)

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Because we have recognized that freshwater is scarce and hard to access around the world, we decided to base our initiative around water consumption, saving, and scarcity. At saint johns school we tried to recognize and ameliorate all places where we could find water being wasted. We went around our school and analyzed all the places we use to water the most and thought of ways to reduce our consumption. 


We have posters and a video to help us spread our message of sustainability in the saint johns school community, as well as actionable takeaways for our community members to incorporate in their day to day lives. Our video encompasses our entire campaign, while our posters each have smaller and more precise pieces of key information about water consumption issues and alternatives.


 We want to educate and inform people so that they can make more environmentally conscious decisions going forward, at home or at school. We want Saint John’s school to minimize its environmental footprint and do its part for the protection and conservation of our climate. As a community we believe that we can reduce our water usage and cut back our environmental impact, ultimately leading to a brighter, cleaner future.

Secondary School Winner
Water Management Prize