Wild About Worms

Wild About Worms

Alexander Elementary
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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Julianne Pickrell

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This year, the Grade 4/5 students at Alexander Elementary have been WILD ABOUT WORMS! We set up worm compost bins in each of our classrooms and have been learning all about these amazing recyclers. We have also been making connections between composting in the classroom and the large-scale composting that we do as a school. In recognizing the importance of reducing landfill by “doing it right,” our Green Team leaders have been visiting classrooms on a regular basis and using a rubric to assess compost and recycling practices. We have developed a point and ticket system that is now motivating students to improve their scores and win a deluxe ice cream party.

Having addressed waste management practices school-wide, we are shifting our focus to sustainable agriculture. While studying worm compost, we learned that it may in fact be more effective than chemically produced fertilizers. While we are convinced that it is a better option for the earth, we are curious if it will in fact produce larger healthier plants. We have decided to test it scientifically!! Before we leave for Spring Break, we will be planting potatoes in two containers, one with the soil produced by our worms and the other with soil enriched by chemical fertilizers. We will spend the final months of school observing, measuring and waiting patiently for the Great Potato Harvest and Weigh In.