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Eco Eats

John Henderson Elementary
  • Grade 7
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NADA Groceries- Vivian Davidson

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“If everyone decided nothing could change, nothing ever would.” - Aisha Saeed. If we humans want change we must create it. The current difficult situation that earth is in is caused by us humans and should be solved by us too. People all around the globe are doing everything in their power to help put an end to climate change. In our own community, we observed how many people had snacks and lunches packaged in plastic. It goes all over our school grounds and likely ends up in the landfills or oceans. Instead of cleaning the school grounds which would have no permanent influence/effect, we decided to create and sell foods and show others what they can do. This led to the birth of our organization “Eco Eats”, and to do our part in preventing climate change, we decided to create delicious zero waste snacks for our community.

What makes us unique is that we purchase all of our ingredients in bulk from a local zero waste grocery store called NADA, which is also our community coach. When we visited NADA, we learned and used their simple zero waste system. It starts with bringing your own jars/containers. You then weigh them and fill them with your grocery items. When you’re all done, the cashier subtracts the weight of your container from your total. That’s it! It’s very sustainable, creates zero waste and takes no effort. After getting all our ingredients we packaged the foods in our own reusable/no waste packaging. Along with selling these delicious snacks we made sure to let others know about our initiative and how they can create these foods at home. According to www.livescience.com as of April 2015, 36% of the world’s total plastic generated was from plastic packaging. We can only assume that this number has increased over the years. Getting your ingredients in bulk is a very important step because you can’t call it a zero waste snack if your ingredients were bought in plastic waste.

Eco Eats began with the minds of 4 passionate students. Our project moved beyond the classroom by our Instagram account, website, community coach, and selling to the community. One of our first steps was creating a website and social media account. Our account currently has 17 posts and a sum of 194 followers. We also took part in a local zero waste trade fair where we showcased and sold our snacks. So far, we have raised over 100 dollars to donate to Oceana Canada to protect Marine life from polluted oceans. This number is to continue increasing as we make and sell more foods. In the future when we sell again we do plan on leaving the school community and finding a different location with different faces. With a project so big there were some difficulties we faced. We came across minor things like when/where to sell, not getting emails back very quickly, and staying active on our website.

Although we worked to the best of our abilities we knew it would be hard to have a project without any obstacles. Our original goal was to sell our foods and spread awareness in our community. We have so far accomplished those goals but hope to take things further in the future. Now that the Green Games have come to an end we don’t plan on putting a complete stop to our initiative. If possible we want to try to meet up again and sell our snacks. We also plan on staying active on our website and Instagram account. A task like putting an end to climate change is a lifelong journey. Even when we aren’t working on our Eco-Eats project, we’ll always put in an effort to be green and take care of our planet. We wanted change, we made it happen. One step at a Time.

Elementary School Winner
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