Regeneration School Mural Prize

The ReGeneration story began in 1994 when the province of British Columbia decided they wanted a way to recycle paint and requested that paint producers develop a recycling system for their products. They came up with Paint Care, which became an extremely successful paint recapturing program. So successful, in fact, that it was expanded multiple times so it could keep adding new products to their list of recyclables. Today, Paint Care has become ReGeneration, a special waste recycling not-for-profit product stewardship company. They work throughout Canada and across the border in Washington to make recycling odd products accessible. British Columbia is exceptionally lucky – we are the only province that currently recycles smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, major and minor appliances, and outdoor equipment.

More than once, I’ve trashed something away that might have been recyclable, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I’m guilty of throwing out stuff like lightbulbs, batteries, paint, soft plastics, and small electrical devices. It’s my secret shame. They didn’t belong in any of the bins outside my apartment, and the only other recycling center I knew of was the Return-It bottle depot, which I assumed only collected bottles. How wrong I was!

There are actually loads of different recycling centers around Vancouver, and British Columbia, that process a huge variety of items such as paint, lighting products, pesticides and fertilizers, major and minor appliances, outdoor power equipment and even smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are recyclable.

"But where?!", I’m sure you are wondering. 

Regeneration partners up with local businesses and bottle depots to create drop off spots. All it takes is a quick search on their website to find where you can drop off your unusual recyclables.

In partnership with BC Green Games, ReGeneration wants to help inspire your sustainability story by offering the ReGeneration School Mural Prize. If your team is planning on a particularly artistic project this year, your BC Green Games team could win a mural for your school, painted entirely with recycled paint. To qualify, your project should exhibit some creative eco-art, and your team will need to select the mural prize when submitting your project. If your team is selected for the prize, local artists will work with your team and your school to create a personalized work of art for your school.

So get those creative juices flowing, and register your eco-art action plan today!