Sponsor Spotlight: ReGeneration

We are beyond excited to have ReGeneration on as a sponsor for the 10th year of BC Green Games! Beyond being an amazing recycling resource, they supply all the paint that is used in the ReGeneration School Mural Prize - meaning all the paint used in the mural is recycled! How cool is that?

ReGeneration is a product stewardship company. Since 1994, they have been helping consumers and businesses recycle challenging items that might otherwise be brought to landfills. They started their recycling program with paint, but have since moved into lighting products, pesticides, solvents and fertilizers, smoke and CO2 alarms, major appliances, small appliances and power tools, and outdoor power equipment. They can be found all over Canada, as well as in Washington State. Many of their recycling programs are a first-of-their-kind in their neighbourhoods. If you have items that fall into any of these categories that you were thinking about throwing out, be sure to check if ReGeneration can take them first! You may be surprised at what you can recycle.



If you have leftover paint lying aroud, you can bring it to ReGeneration. Don't combine your paints - oil-based paints, solvents and other products all need to be kept seperate! After you recycle your paint, alkyd/oil based paints and aerosols are turned into new paint and/or alternative fuel for incineration. Water based paints are turned into new paint and/or a concrete additive. Learn more here!


Lighting Products

When you think of recycling lighting products, you may just be thinking of lightbulbs, but ReGeneration will take on lamps, fixtures and ballasts used in residential, institutional, commercial and industrial applications. The lights are not limited to your regular lightbulbs either. Almost any product who's primary purpose is the illumination of space can be brought in for recycling. Bike lights, book lights, flashlight, and string lights are all on the list of acceptable items to recycle. See the fill list of recyclable items here!


Pesticides, Solvents, and Fertilizers

ReGeneration will recycle your old hazardous household waste, including flammable liquids, pesticides, and gasoline. Because these products can be dangerous, ensure that products are in the orginial container with the proper warning lables are on the container. Products must also be properly sealed. Do not mix differemt products together. Click here for more detailed instructions.


Smoke and CO2 Alarms

You can bring up to 40 smoke or CO2 alarms in to be recycled at once! After you bring them in, they are sorted, crusted and separated into their different components. The radioactive components are put into long term storage, the plastic is made into new plastic products, and the metals are made into new metal products. Learn more! 


Major Appliances

It may surprise you that major appliances can be recycled. There are so many bits and peices to them! However, BC has a thriving market-based recycling system in place for major appliances, driven by the value of metals found inside them. Major appliances should always be recycled by professionals, as they may have refridgerants in them, which can be harmful for the environment and for human health if they are not handled properly. Discover where you can recycle your old major appliances.


Small Appliances and Power Tools

More than 300 electrical products can be recycled in BC! Have an old treadmill that you're not using anymore? Recyclable! Microwave oven? Recyclable! Electric toothbrush? Recyclable! Check out the list to see all recyclable items. 


Outdoor Power Equipment

Have a garage or shed full of old outdoor power equipment that you're not using anymore? You can now recycle 20 different outdoor power equipment products in BC. Chain saws, lawn mowers, pressure washers, wood chippers, and garden sprayers are just a few of the items that made the list. You can check out the whole list here!


By recycling these items, you're keeping recoverable materials out of landfills and waterways, and allowing them to be rechannelled into other uses. It helps us keep our planet clean and cut back on the resources we use. So the next time you think of throwing something out, be sure to check if it can be recycled first!