Ten Years of BC Green Games

Happy back-to-school! As the 2017/18 school year begins, BC Green Games is preparing to launch year TEN!

As BC Green Games reaches nearly a decade of inspiring projects, it is worth reflecting on the thousands of students, hundreds of teachers, and countless collaborators who have been inspired to contribute their time and resources to the BC Green Games program. Teams from around the province have submitted over a thousand projects, covering a myriad of environmental issues. Students have constructed greenhouses and gardens, installed solar panels, and banned plastic bottles. Through BC Green Games, students have learned that their voices and actions can make a lasting impact on their environments.

We're proud of BC Green Games for being a unique program that connects and supports teachers and student-led teams with local resources and mentorship from some of BC’s leading experts in sustainability, conservation, and advocacy. And, since the stories are permanently archived on our website, their work continually inspires those around them and raises the bar for environmental action.

Now we are about to launch the tenth year, and we could not be more proud or excited to do so. We have lots of exciting developments in mind, including new prizes, extended deadlines, and special celebrations. We can’t wait to see what exciting projects teams come up with this year!